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LearnLab services is delivered in a combination of technology, pedagogy and research.

Everything we do is a mix off these 3 and what we learn together with partners, professors and customers. Our passion is Co-creating tools for Learning Analytics, Professional Development and deep learning. We believe that the future is about co-learning and about learning from mistakes.

In the future, we have stopped training for tests and started learning for life. In the future learners go into the depth of things so that they co-create a new language for deeper understanding. Measuring what matters Measuring what matters (survey development, statistic analysis, evaluation of strategies etc) Deep learning broad curriculum perspective Surveys (Students, teachers, leaders, administrators, parents)


data Input
data Rubrics

Assessment for learning


Structuring of activity data


Development of educational content and processes

  • Development of educational content, programs, books, articles,
  • Modelling what matters
  • Content for learning
  • Educational strategy and content development for publishers
  • An approach where educators could themselves select and combine different types of data.
  • Evidence based processes enable educators to select relevant evidence and connect this to problems of practice and questions for deep reflection.
  • When participants first began using the process we design, they focused specifically on designing data-informed meeting requests. We quickly realized that designing these requests turned out to be difficult, and saw the need to create prototypes of these requests. Together with researchers we devised prototypes for common problems of practice.

Leadership and teacher training programs

  • Educational leadership development for educational organizations (schools, universities, kindergartens)
  • Educational leadership development for cities/municipalities Train the trainers

Strategy development

  • Strategy and plans
  • Educational strategy development for educational organizations (schools, universities, kindergartens) Educational strategy development for cities/municipalities Educational strategy development for governments (5 og vi er i prosess med flere) Educational strategy development Ed-tech and publishers

Evaluation of educational practise

  • Effect studies
  • Strategy evaluating
  • Evaluation of educational practise