Participate in a lab

Welcome to LearnLab

LearnLab is an interactive and digital learning tool, created to enhance collective participation and learning. Vi look at teaching as an arena to explore and go into the depth of learning and knowledge, and a lab is the result of such an exploration.

Create and engage!

You can easily create your own labs or use labs from the archive created by others. We have also created ready-to-use labs with quality content that you can by with a license. The learners participate in the lab with their phones, tablets or computers. With LearnLab you can add interactive tasks which activates and engages – this enables the possibility to facilitate and visualise the learning as you go.

Deeper learning, step by step

Add different steps in your lab to create understanding, reflection, discussion and new knowledge. The steps consist of interactive tasks, such as open question, word cloud and quiz. The steps are developed based on progressive pedagogy to contribute to deeper learning,

When we put our heads together

LearnLab is designed to enable the possibility of involving the participants in production of content and in their own learning. We wish to promote creativity, open tasks, time to think and active students who collaborate.

Lab stat provides insight

We want to help track and document deeper learning and have developed Lab stat as a tool for formative assessment. After finishing a lab you get the possibility to get data which provides insight into what has been produced and the quality of the produced content in a lab-session.