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z 13 November 2020

New design on

With new educational services, applications, content, and an increasing number of users, we are happy to announce that we have relaunched our website. We have chosen to change the design of our to make it easier for you to find both learning tools, digital resources, and the information you are looking for.
new design on

We are relaunching the website so that it can better show you what we are up to and what we can offer schools, municipalities, and organizations. The new website will help you navigate between:

Easier to find in LearnLab's digital tools

Two new learning tools

This autumn, we launched two new learning tools: StoryLab and MyLab. StoryLab enables individuals or groups to create digital books with multimodal texts.

MyLab is an administration interface that makes it possible to delegate tasks, communicate with learners, and provide a formative assessment.

From LearnLab to CoLab

With two new additions of digital tools in the LearnLab universe, we have made a name change to make it easier for you to distinguish between the different learning tools. The collaborative production tool you already know as LearnLab has now been given a new name: CoLab. You will still be able to find the digital resources you have stored under "My labs" in CoLab.

Complete ecosystem

From 2021, the LearnLab universe will consist of a complete ecosystem of digital tools: CoLab, StoryLab, and MyLab that already exist - as well as IdeaLab and EnquiryLab which will be launched in 2021. On LearnLab's front page you will now find access to each of the launched tools, as well as subpages that provide a description of each of the individual tools and how they can be used.

Learnlab's digital content

Here you will find an overview of the various licensed digital resources LearnLab offers and a description of these. Read more here

Overview of LearnLab's educational services

On our new website, you will also find a subpage for the educational services we provide, with a description of our offers to schools, municipalities, and organizations. Here you can get an overview of the broad offer we have within advice, follow-up, and help we can deliver. Read more here

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