Try the newest Learnlab step

z 07 October 2019

Try the newest Learnlab step

With the match step learners can find contexts and discover relations between concepts in a fun and engaging way. Match is a game-based step where learners can collaborate or work individually with finding relations between words or images, and through this develop understanding and discover new concepts.
image of match step

The newest of the now 11 step types in LearnLab provides you with the opportunity to enter images, number or pictures which represents or demonstrates concepts and themes in relation to each other. You can choose between using 2 or 3 concepts at a time. The participants then get the possibility of discovering these contexts and relationships on their phones, tablets or computers. As all in the group have discovered a match, it appears on the presenter screen one at a time.

The match step has many potential uses. The possibility of using images is a good fit for the younger learners, as well as the older. The match step can be adapted to all subjects, providing a good visual support for the learning process and activates the learners at the same time.

See how you can use the match step here: