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Sustainable training to accomplish high quality learning regardless of where people are located.

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Culture and mindset are the most challenging obstacles when trying to create learning for the future. At LearnLab we offer a holistic approach to teacher training and leadership support. With the use of digital tools and models for deep learning, learner agency, and focus on the processes of learning, we create a scaffolding for transformation.

Instead of learners memorizing and repeating information, they are challenged to conceptualize their thinking and apply it in familiar and unfamiliar situations. Learners are taught to work independently and cooperatively. With LearnLab you get products and content designed for collective reflection, activating participants, exploration, reflection, deep learning and understanding.

Selected offers
Training and courses
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Introduction to using our high quality labs

This teacher training gives a hands on introduction to using our collection of over 1000 Labs, ready to use. These flexible and interactive Labs are designed for collective reflection, activating participants, exploration, reflection, deep learning and understanding.

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Learn how to use our digital tools for deep learning

Introduction to using our engaging and transformative digital tools for content creation and competency. This training gives teachers and/or students hands on experience with both building their own content and creating processes for deep learning with the digital tools available in the LearnLab ecosystem. Our training combines the technical run-through with pedagogical mindset needed to unleash the potential of the digital tools.

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Digital tools for teachers and students

In addition to our own digital toolbox, LearnLab offers training in technical and didactic use of iPad and supported apps, Windows PCs and Microsoft 365 for education, including Teams, Chromebooks in education and Google Suite for education and coding.

Leadership support and other processes
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Facilitator training

An everchanging world requires everchanging teaching and learning. At LearnLab we focus on the importance of teaching learner agency to create deeper learning, competence and interdisciplinary skills for the 21st century. This training offers leaders and educators the skills needed to step out of the industrial information-oriented teachings of traditional classrooms, and into progressive education for the 21st century.

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Bespoke professional development

In addition to tool-specific training and facilitator training, we offer a wide variety of processes based on the specific needs of the organisation within, but not limited to:

  • arrow_forward_ios Effective meetings, planning and networks
  • arrow_forward_ios Leadership meetings and networks
  • arrow_forward_ios Staff meetings and networks
  • arrow_forward_ios Parents meetings
  • arrow_forward_ios Preparation days
  • arrow_forward_ios Seminars
  • arrow_forward_ios Strategic planning for development projects, ex. digitalization
  • arrow_forward_ios Digital judgement and GDPR
  • arrow_forward_ios Complete digital transformation
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Effective and engaging meetings

We offer an interactive concept to carry out different physical and virtual meetings between people. CoLab consists of a unique collection of learning tools designed to be engaging, fun, collaborative and interactive, while also giving organizations unique insight into achievements of their internal training. Each CoLab session can be created using various interactive tasks, to fit specific concepts like conferences, course series, meetings and events. Participants visualize, cooperate, communicate, go deeper, and explore themes and concepts, in an engaging way during every CoLab session.

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Learn how to use CoLab to activate and engage participants in both physical and virtual events

We support you in digitalizing your content and we can help you accomplish strategies regarding developing digital content. With CoLab, we assist you in creating interactive presentations and engage the group throughout the event.