Deep Learning Society

DLS is a network consisting of municipalities and schools from Nordic countries that want to share knowledge and experience on building more capacity for deeper learning among educational leaders, teachers and students. LearnLab provide the participating organization with high-quality digital tools that are designed to stimulate deeper learning processes. How will students experience deeper learning, with and without digital tools, if not educators also experience deeper learning, with and without digital tools, in their professional learning? This is a guiding question in DLS, where participating organizations together with world-leading researchers will explore and innovate specific approaches to design and facilitate deeper learning processes. This question also suggests that the principle of modelling is key for successful deeper learning. Educators need specific methods and tools to build capacity to model the kind of learning they want more of in their students. Here are some of the researchers DLS participants have received academic feedback from: Knut Roald, Kjell B. Hjertø, Louise Stoll, Andy Hargreaves, Viviane Robinson, Michael Fullan, Lorna Earl, and Jan Merok Paulsen. For Norwegian schools and municipalities, read more here.