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LearnLab provides free and innovative digital resources for education, sponsored by Nordic public education. Our moral purpose is to play a key role in changing educational systems all over the world. This involves giving all learners equal access to relevant content in their own culture and context. We aim to promote inclusion, well-being, democracy and human rights for all learners.

Create and engage – enable the future

Today, young learners grow up in a complex and rapidly changing world with environmental challenges, increasing inequalities and mental health issues. To address the new challenges we face, we need creativity, engagement, critical thinking, reflection, collaboration, and a global mindset for the citizens of the future. LearnLab is designed specifically for this purpose, using progressive pedagogical research and theory. By advancing and promoting deeper learning, the learner can discover new concepts which enable them to change the world for the better.

A digital learning laboratory

LearnLab consists of a unique collection of learning tools and content, designed to be engaging, fun, collaborative and interactive, while also giving educators unique insight into new types of assessment. Each LearnLab session can be created, using various interactive tasks, to fit specific concepts and goals. Participants visualize, cooperate, communicate, go deeper, and explore themes and concepts, in an engaging way during every LearnLab session.

Learners should be producers, not consumers

As education change from the traditional function of providing information into the function of facilitating and guiding learners, so must the tools and methods we use in the learning process. LearnLab is created with this in mind, enabling participants to produce content and be active in their learning. Participants can interact verbally and by using their phones, tablets, and computers.

Collective learning

Great learning happens in groups! This is why collaboration is a central focus for LearnLab. LearnLab’s functionality is designed for cooperative learning, problem-solving and divergent thinking. By working in groups and creating together, learners can strengthen their social and collaborative skills.