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It is free to use LearnLab to create interactive educational material, but we offer services for schools, municipalities or other organizations that wish to increase the value of their LearnLab use.

LearnLab license- What do you get?

With a LearnLab license, you get access to content packages for educational management, a network for sharing educational content with colleagues, a deep learning survey, production tools for students, and an easy to use LMS. For organizations with single sign-on, LearnLab offers integration for teachers and learners, which enables the collection of each student's activity. Contact us if this is interesting for you and your organization.

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Join our Deep Learning Society 

Do your municipality or region want to join us LearnLab in a collaboration where we work together to develop pedagogy, technology, and educational leadership? The goal of the Deep Learning Society (DLS) is to promote an education that to a higher degree emphasizes creativity, open questions, time to think and active students. In other words: deep learning that leads to the development of 21st-century skills. 

Collaborate to give the world innovative learning

We collaborate with several foundations, governments, schools and other organizations to enable free, interactive, and fun learning in education. Contact us to become a partner in this movement! As a partner, we provide you with opportunities to communicate your mission to learners. If you have important and relevant content that could contribute to creating world citizens who are better equipped to solve the challenges of tomorrow, we are very interested in collaborating in making interactive content and engaging learning experiences.

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