ICSEI is an energetic global community bringing together policy makers, researchers and practitioners from over 80 countries in the ICSEI community to share cutting edge knowledge and powerful practice with a view to enabling education systems and schools to become learning organizations for the sake of better education for all. Linking theory and practice, policy and transformation, leadership and learning under the ICSEI umbrella, allows for sound dialogue, critical discussions and a plurality of approaches to jointly achieve in-depth understandings of what constitutes innovative, future-oriented conditions for learning and achieving. Teachers, policy makers and researchers are facing multiple challenges to create the very expertise which enables children and young people to develop the skills and understandings they need for meeting today’s challenges and, more importantly, the resilience they need for surviving and thriving in an unknown future. Learnlab is co-hosting ICSEI 2019 in Stavanger together with University of Stavanger. Visit for more information.