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This autumn, LearnLab has hired two skilled educators: Elin Hofstad and Erlend Kobro. Both have a background in teaching and a strong commitment to deep learning as well as using digital tools in the classroom to promote learning. Get to know them better here!

Elin Hofstad – Digital Learning Manager

Elin is a trained primary school teacher specialized in years one through seven. Alongside her job in LearnLab, she is studying for a master’s degree in digital learning. She has teaching experience from primary school, where she has thought the subjects match, science and Norwegian. Elin has previously been a part of the Teacher Trainer program in Bærum municipality and is APLS-certified.

In recent years, Elin has worked as a supervisor and course leader in the use of digital technology to promote learning in schools and kindergartens. She has visited more than 80 schools and kindergartens, from Copenhagen in the south to Longyearbyen in the north. Beginner training and concept learning are topics Elin is passionate about, and she believes strongly in connecting the students’ learning to the world around us.

Elin also has experience as a project manager and has been technically responsible for national and international conferences conducted digitally.

Erlend Kobro – Digital Learning Manager

Erlend has a background as a teacher in Bærum, one of Norway’s most technology-rich school municipalities. Since 2014, he has worked with 1:1 technology in the classroom at Vøyenenga school. Erlend has been involved in developing a project in Bærum municipality as a teacher trainer, course leader for digital educators, and as a development leader at the school he was working in as a teacher. In recent years, Erlend has certified himself as an Apple instructor and has been selected as one of the few Apple Distinguished Educators in Norway and Apple Professional Learning Specialists. He is certified as master trainer in the educational use of Microsoft 365 and is a certified Google Educator.

For the past 5 years, Erlend has collaborated with several major players in professional development and teacher-training before joining LearnLab. Since January 2018, he has worked full time with leadership development, skills development, and process management for schools in both Norway and Sweden. Erlend is a popular speaker, has lectured both nationally and internationally, and conducts frequent workshops, inspirational lectures, and courses related to, among other things, digital didactics, and the use of digital tools in education.

Erlends passion is a school where the student’s well-being, motivation, and mastery are in focus, and where teachers have sufficient competence and available tools to give the students a varied and relevant education.

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